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Coven of Aradian Rites

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Winter Soltice - on or around 21 June

Norse for “wheel”, Yule marks mid-winter and is the promise of summer to come. Pagans celebrate the birth of the Sun God and this festival was hijacked by the Christians and solemnized as the celebration of the birth of the Son of God. Many of the Yule traditions were adopted by the Christians as well; for example the Yule log, gift giving and Old Nick. The festival of Yule and the tradition of the Yule log derive from the Norse ritual of burning a log in sympathetic magic to encourage the god Thor to share his blessings and bring back the sun. Decorated with ivy, ribbons and evergreens, the log was blessed with holy water, ale and wine (the blood of the mother) to bring manifestation. It was lit with a piece of last year’s log, and was never allowed to burn down completely.










The focus for this time of year is honour, rebirth, transformation, light out of darkness, creative inspiration, the mysteries, new life, regeneration, inner renewal, reflection/introspection

Colours associated with Yule are gold, silver, red, green, white

Incense complimenting any workings would be: bayberry, cedar, ginger, cinnamon, pine, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, wintergreen, saffron

Crystals associated with this season are: cat’s eye, ruby, diamond, garnet, bloodstone












Foods to serve at your rituals and celebrations would be: nuts, apple, pear, caraway cakes soaked with cider, pork, orange, hibiscus or ginger tea, roasted turkey, nuts, fruitcake, dried fruit, cookies, eggnog, mulled wine

Appropriate Magical Workings would be for: personal renewal, world peace, or honouring family & friends.

Element: earth