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The HedgeWitch Course


Definition of a HedgeWitch from Wikipedia:

A HedgeWitch is someone who practices HedgeWitchery or HedgeCraft. HedgeCraft is a spiritual path and is considered a form of European witchcraft. HedgeCraft is loosely based on the old wise women (and men), cunning folk, herbalists, healers and witches throughout history. Some practitioners claim that it is the religion of the traditional cunning folk of England.


HedgeWitches often practice herbalism, magic, wildcrafting, and many different forms of healing. HedgeWitches are generally unconcerned with overly formal magical workings, preferring more simple folk magic. It is an eclectic tradition, but just how much so depends on each individual practitioner. Most HedgeWitches practice is solitary and private, based out of the home. Although HedgeWitches can still be active in their local Pagan community.


In physical terms, the hedge separated the town from the wilderness. Crossing the hedge was considered dangerous, because the forest was regarded as a locus of uncanny happenings, including witchcraft. To the HedgeWitch and witches alike, the hedge was not thought to be a physical boundary, but a mental barrier to be crossed in trance work. It is the line drawn between this world and the next; between reality and dream.


Shamanic practice is common, and is considered a hallmark of a HedgeWitch. From this perspective, if the hedge is the border between a village and the wilderness, the HedgeWitch walks the border with a foot in both worlds. Spirituality in HedgeWitches varies and depends on the individual; usually they look to their own heritage and ancestry. Most commonly HedgeWitches practice some form of neopaganism. The daily spiritual practice of a Hedgewitch will be adapted to his or her individual abilities, interests and life style.


On my course, you will learn a lot of herbology, but the main point of this course is CONNECTION. Connection to deity, connection to spirit, to yourself and to the elementals. It is also about MANIFESTATION!


The course consists of 13 sessions, and a ritual, and they are run on Wednesday evenings.


Please book your seat!