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Coven of Aradian Rites

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Autumnal Equinox - 20 March

(Minor Sabbat - Solar Festival)

The Second Harvest

1st Day of Autumn

Day and Night of Equal Length

Sun reaches 0 Degrees in Sign of Aries

Gender: Masculine in nature


"Hoof and horn, hoof and horn. All that dies shall be reborn.

Corn and grain, Corn and grain. All that falls shall rise again."


Day and night are equal and the God prepares to depart and begin the journey back to the strength and development within his mother's, the Goddess’s, womb. Both sad and joyful, the Goddess lovingly awaits her God's rebirth.


We honour the dark as being another part of the light and light as being part of darkness. The two halves of one whole, neither being, in actual fact, good nor bad but a necessity of life.


Today, all things are in balance, but after tonight darkness will once again overcome the light as the nights become longer and the days shorter.The Goddess laments Her dying God. Her own youth is fading and She is now maturing into Her Wise Crone aspect. But She holds great joy, for deep within Her Maiden aspect She carries the impregnated seed of Her consort, who will be reborn at Yule. She also knows that She herself will once again be young Maiden as the Wheel of the Year turns further on.


The full moon closest to this festival is called the Harvest Moon; and a time for gathering inspiration from past experiences and past lives. A time to try to understand one's self and to grow spiritually. A time to be oriented in the present, to remember the past, to live for today and to believe in the future.


Mabon is a time of reflection, a time of gathering, a time of balances and the struggle to remain in balance. As Autumn moves into Winter the Goddess slowly leaves the land to rest in the Underworld, awaiting the birth of Her child at Yule, and as She goes, the land echoes Her departure, evident in the changes of nature around us.


At this Sabbat, take a moment to reflect upon your life; the past year, your joys, your sorrows, your disappointments, your triumphs.